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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Listen to your gut feeling when making an investment.

We never usually post about anything other than UK property investing, but I just wanted to raise this thought.

We all know when our 'gut feeling' is telling us something.

I have always looked at the wierd world of Dubai property investing and thought ... why?

Why would you? Why would you ever think that this would be a good place to live, holiday, visit ... spend any time ... and more importantly, invest.

But having never been, I was no expert, however my gut feeling was pretty clear.

Why? It's a desert... nice. It has endless incidents of human rights violations. It's too hot already with the inevitibility of getting hotter.

Why? ..... well the emperors new clothes are well and truly down to his ankles, with property prices and rents dropping like a 'slimmers club' crossing a desert at midday.

Another case of don't believe the hype, your gut feeling is usually right.

Read more on the current state of Dubai property, but my gut feeling is that things will get a lot worse.

Next time you look at any kind of investment, listen to your gut instinct and not the sales agent sitting opposite you.

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