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Thursday, January 22, 2009

London Landlord Faces Nightmare Tenant

Why do we bother? I mean many landlords are seeing paper losses whichever way they look at their figures.

On top of all that there's the risk of landlords getting a 'nightmare tenant'.

Ive just been reading about this London Landlord who has had to sit and wait two years to get rid of a tenant provided by her local council.

The tenant has finally been evicted after costing the landlord over £10,000. The article

Why do landlords bother?

And nobody likes us.

Your darling Margo, bringing love to all landlords especially those with nasty tenants.


Anonymous said...

You're right, Margo. Nobody likes you. Probably because although I'm sure there are many fine, public-spirited landlords out there, we just haven't actually met any. Take the buy-to-let skank who owns the house next door to us. Having filled a small botched semi-slum with problem people, each with blaring television and sound system, he decided to build a large garden shed and kit it out with ensuite facilities for yet more lucrative tenants. His scam was eventually stopped, but he didn't seem to take any personal fall for his activities whatsoever. He was, however, left with the small issue of how to turn a profit from a house which no one wanted to rent. No problem! He has now leased it to an agent of the Ministry of Justice called ClearSprings. Nice, steady money each month paid directly to him either by ClearSprings or the Housing Benefit system. The neighbours now live next door to an unsupervised bail hostel and can't sell their own houses, but hey! That's life! Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, can you? Hoorah for that entrepreneurial spirit!

Anonymous said...

Are you the neighbour, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Well spotted. The clue was in the sentence: 'Take the buy-to-let skank who owns the house next door to us'.

Margo Leadbetter said...

Landlords encompass the full range of human traits from rogue to righteous.
All I can send is my sympathy for your seemingly nightmare situation.
The majority of landlords have a more balanced view on the impact of their actions on a neighbourhood but this landlord obviously does not!