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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ask the Minister?

Are you a discruntled landlord. Fed up with the current Governments treatment of landlords and the private rental sector. Well heres your chance to see if the other lot would be any different.

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Property Hawk as the leading independent website for private landlords is going to interview Grant Shapps the Conservative Party MP and Shadow Minister for Housing and put some of the issues concerning landlords about the treatment of landlords and the Tories view of the future of the private rental sector. If you have a view and a question for the Shadow Minister post it to this blog and we will look to put it to the Minister in our up and coming interview. Come on landlords, don't be invisible make your views count!


Prop Trader said...

I would love you to put this question to him:
Why is the private residential landlord treated differently in relation to local housing allowance than local authorities and housing associations who can still have rental payments made directly to them and what would the conservative government commit to do in this respect to put right this gross contradiction and misguided legislation?
This was highlighted recently by your website and by
Where is the evidence of consultation with landlords on this issue, given that many landlords are now leaving this sector for this very reason?

The Editor said...

Hi Gavin, thanks for the question I will definitely be asking the Minister about the LHA and the governements blatant discrimination against private landlords.

Anonymous said...

I suggest it's a good opportunity to ask him about VAT and whether if they were doing the budget this year, to confirm what the Conservatives would do? Would they cut the 15% further and what's their response to the suggestion from landlords and many others involved in property for a big cut in VAT on the renovation of existing buildings? (as in your post at the end of December)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask him why the City Council is allowed to write me a letter threatening me with 6 months in jail and £5k fine for harrassing a tenant, whom I did not in fact harrass, but is a pathological liar. The council went to great pains to remind me of her rights and my obligations, but seem to have overlooked her obligations under the tenancy agreement. They have not formally apologised, nor investigated, The tenant must quit the property on the 19th January, in accordance with the court order. She owes us £3k in rent, but she and her three children (and another on the way), will be housed in a B&B at great expense to the tax payer. She could simply stay put and they pay the rent to me, saving everyone a lot of hardship and heartache. The tenant is deemed to earn enough income to support her family, but chooses to spend it on Plasma TV, the latest mobile phone technology and electronic gadgets. We will probably end up calling in the bailiffs, she will never pay her debt, but the state prefers to support losers over good, honest, hard working people. The system needs to be completely revamped if you are going to teach people responsibility.

Prop Trader said...

1. Further to the last comment, would the conservatives also change the burden of proof to the tenant and cost to raise a claim for harrasment on to tenants in the first instance? It seems that landlords are automatically assumed to be guilty until proven innocent in this and in many other areas.
2. Furthermore, a claim for harrasment should in no way affect an eviction process which is already a ridiculously long process that can allow the unemployed receiving local housing allowance (directly now as per my previous comment) to accumulate money at taxpayers expense, not pass it on to landlords, and then have no recourse from the state who has to rehouse them. What would the conservatives do to streamline the eviction process and prevent abuse of process by tenants?
3. Could the conservatives commit to not reclassifying families that are evicted by bailiffs due to lack of payment of rent, particularly those receiving LHA, as making themselves 'voluntarily homeless' rather than having councils advising tenants to wait until the bailiffs arrive so they can rehouse them somewhere else at taxpayers expense! This wouldn't happen if housing benefits were paid directly....!

Anonymous said...

The state and Council is Mothering the benefit seekers. Good. Since benefit doggers are there and many loop holes in the system now is the time the concept of Fathering the benefit seekers should be introduced thereby disciplining them e.g. punitive action by the council for those tenants who are in arrears or rwarding them for not being in arrears etc etc..