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Friday, August 21, 2020

Eviction ban - Changes - LATEST

So you thought that things were finally going to get back to normal and that landlords were at long last able to seek possession for their buy-to-let property. ... Think again!

The yoyo government has added another to it's long list of stop start about face manoeuvres.

Eviction ban extended until 20th September

Most landlords were looking forward to having at least the option of being able to start possession proceedings but a last minute change of heart by Ministers has put back the date until 20th September putting added pressure on some landlords who are without rent but are still required to pay for the buy-to-let mortgage.

What both landlords and tenants need is clarity...something sadly missing from most Government announcements in this current environment.

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Anonymous said...

I agree totally. We are led by idiots. Anti LL idiots at that. Is Boris still around as he is conspicuous by his absence?

If your tenant cannot afford to pay his rent it is your human right to be able to get him out and put someone in there who can pay. Why should LLs provide free accomodation for people? Why should they risk losing their property because the tenant cannot or will not pay?

The government is so anti LL but, at the same time, they do not provide rental accommodation to meet society's needs themselves. No wonder BTL are becoming so unattractive these days. Tenants need to learn that if they do not pay they are out and, instead, they need to find a room in a shared house or go back to Mum and Dad. It is the government's fault for allowing every Tom Dick and Harry to come into the country, knowing there is not enough accomodation for everyone. They have created the problem.

Tiggey22 said...

I totally agree