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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Alan Boswell Reinstates - Rent Guarantee Insurance

Landlords Dismayed

Any landlords looking at insuring against tenant rental default through the Covid-19 outbreak would have been dismayed to see how quickly the rent guarantee insurance were withdrawn by landlord insurers.

I have always been a bit reluctant to pay out for extra insurance against the rent but with one of my tenants stopping paying the rent because of unemployment I will definitely be considering it for new tenants in the future

Alan Boswell reinstates it Rent Guarantee Insurance 

I have just heard that Alan Boswell have reinstated their rental guarantee insurance product which is now available as part of the referencing procedure:

Annual policy
Max £2,500 per month
Nil excess
Max 6 month rental income covered

Cost has gone up to £175inc IPT unless it is brought with landlord insurance in which case it is £150inc IPT.

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Paul Barrett said...

Pretty useless RGI

Rent amount should be £50000 for £100 premium.
No excess.

This RGI is no use at all.
Avoid it.
There must be better out there

M Lee said...

Why do you thinnk it's useless?