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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Landlords for good : Shelter

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Possession Friend said...

What a load of False SPIN
Are Shelter saying they often get tenants coming to them who don't have a problem with their Landlord, just wanting to praise them !!!
The majority of Landlords are in the 'Private ' business of providing housing at market rent ( its not their fault that the Govt don't pay tenants the market rate.
The PRS don't have the luxury of being some sort of Housing co-operative, more akin to Social housing than Private renting.
Its the Govt's role to provide social Housing, not private Landlords.
So who do Shelter think their kidding. ?

Unknown said...

Many landlords and tenants have a healthy relationship. Respect on both sides.
But I agree these tenants would have no need to bid it Shelter.
I would think the majority would b tenants rec some form of government support. It's this group that has been hit he hardest with cuts to Lha.
Landlords moving away from this sector due to S24 and UC.
Shelter would help tenants more if they worked with landlords instead of attacking.