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Monday, September 24, 2018

Labour would abolish Section 21

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Anonymous said...

So how would lenders be willing to give btl mortgages on properties where they can't vacate for repossession in reasonable time ?

Anonymous said...

This boils my blood, what if you want the property back to put it back on the market to sell. Or if you want to move in your self or even give the house to your kids to live in? What the F,,,k do this people smoke? Pay rent look after the house keep your head down and stay as long as you want i dont see how this is going to be helpful??

Paul Barrett said...

Labour are determined to return the PRS to the 60 and 70's
Back then there was social housing to cope with those who couldn't afford to rent or buy.
Now there is essentially zero social housing.
The PRS has essentially become the new social housing.
Trouble is LL want and need to make profits.
Rent controls will just force mist LL to sell up and there will be few new entrant LL.
It is a bit pointless having rent controls if by having them there are no rental properties because the LL have sold up!!!
The PRS is not the place for cheap rents.
That is what the subsidised social housing is for!
Apart from the fact that tenants and LL will evade rent contols.
Desperate tenants will pay what the LL wants with a reduced rental stock.
Theze evaded rent controls will be paid in cash.
HMRC will notice a massive reduction in LL tax receipts as rents are plausibly reduced to the controlled levels.
There will also be a problem in LL being able to obtain the requisite mortgage amounts based on supposed controlled rents.
This will be a disater for tenants.
Actual evaded rents will be far higher than normal rents.
Rent controls wilm not work when demand exceeds supply.
The Black Market in rental properties will flourish with tenants and LL both complicit in evading such rent controls.