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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Portsmouth HMO landlords face fines over rubbish

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Anonymous said...

That certainly won't happen in Birmingham, the cess pit of Britain, where the tenants and landlords dump anything on the streets and nothing is said or done about it, until a passing dump truck picks it up and takes it to a refuse centre.

Many residents are fed up of the mess on the streets, and complain to the council and councillors, but they are not listening, as most of the landlords are Asian (and many are landlords) and many of the tenants from East Europe, who are busy in the scrap trade. As a result, complaints are passed from department to department in a never ending circle, and they then quietly drop it. The matter of civil responsibilities is never considered.

From a fed up resident amongst thousands.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should have said that the councillors are also landlord barons.