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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gov. publishes licensing/HMO changes

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Cash Buyer said...

Is there going to be any legislation to further protect Landlords from poor tenants?

Or is this all a one-way, hype-driven street?

Anonymous said...

I think this is a good scheme to take out bad agents/landlords from the market. But this should also be both ways, and not just targeting agents/landlords. I know many tenants who willing sublet or bring other family members/friends to live with them without the knowledge or permission from the agent/landlord.

There seems to be over whelming move towards agents/landlords with the amount of new legislation/regulation which is now on the shoulders of agents/landlord, but there doesn't seem to be the same towards rogue tenants who stop paying rent, or damage/trash a property, not to mention how both from an inventory and court process it's in the favour of towards the tenant.

Professional rogue tenants, know what they are doing and how to maximise their impact on hard working agents/landlords.

Zaq said...

Government needs to protect Landlords too.
I agree with the above comments.

Unknown said...

No political party seems interested in our vote. It is the growing number of tenants that the politians what to keep happy. The conservatives believe (rightly) that most of us will still vote for them anyway. Unless this changes the situation will only get worse for landlords.

Anonymous said...

Don't be nieve, this is all deliberate to squeeze out LL, for the greedy corporations to takeover