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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Panorama's 'tenant eviction' program

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking of suggesting a new programme for the BBC.
Landlords whose lives are turned upside down by their tenants.
I am in the midst of spending £20,000 cleaning up after a tenant who has trashed a house. All I can try and get is the deposit of £1100 but the tenant is questioning the deductions for ruined carpets (covered in bird droppings), broken electrics, missing curtains, dog damage, childrens damage etc., etc., which she is claiming is fair wear and tear.
Not only is it the cost of a refurb but it's the pure hassle of project managing and losing income because I am self employed but have to get it let again to pay the outgoings. Needless to say that the tenant is unemployed and on benefits.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! wholeheartedly agree! have the same situation. The cost is crippling. There is absolutely no respect for peoples properties these days, a total nightmare.

Laroc (Landlord) said...

Agreed again, over the last 18mths I have lost over £20,000 in rent and have to refurb two properties. Damaged doors, slips for removal of rubbish (3 skips needed at one property with 7 damaged mattresses (I had only supplied 3) each costing £20 to dispose of bt the Council. So if the council charges the tenants on benefit just put them in the garden!The Council should help tenants on benefot to dispise of their rubbish. This is being passed on to Landlords.

Anonymous said...

I have lost 2 months rental amount and Deposit amount because of the Agent, and am still struggling to recover the amounts inspite of going to the court. There is no protection for the landlords !!! The Agent continues to do the same with other landlords, the council, trading standards etc., have not been of much help !!!

Anonymous said...

agreed again but all the while the government and councils paint the picture of greedy landlords raking in rents with no outlay necessary and no concern for their tenants we have no chance of getting a fair deal from anyone

Chesterfield Depressed Landlord said...

A pensioner in my 80th year I have been taken to Court by my Council who had ordered me to clean a property inside and out in 3 weeks - technically I won as they had made so many mistakes but I have lost months of what remains of my life and solicitors charges I had to put on a Credit Card. The RSPCA removed over 30 dogs 2 cats and several rabbits from the 2 bedroomed terrace house which was "toxic" due to faeces and totally trashed. The [ex] tenants appealed a section 8 Court appearance Jan 16th so I have yet another Court appearance April 10. No rental income for 6 months. These "poor people with learning difficulties" who know so much more than I about Law are still in the house "unfit for human habitation" that they have trashed and refusing me entry - all my fault[!]and I am still paying the BTL mortgage. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP OR ADVICE [Chesterfield Depressed Landlord]

Doug said...

I hope you're all going to complain to the BBC. I did, all 2000 allowed words. Its quite easy via the BBC website.