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Monday, December 04, 2017

Banning orders for rogue landlords - April 6th

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Anonymous said...

I consider myself as a decent landlord, I help my excellent tenant as much as I can, and if I cannot do it, I hire professionals. However, there are some attrocious landlords around, even in my road. One tenant and her family had to move because the landlord refused to do anything, the walls in the bathroom are black with mould and the front gutters are so damaged, the rain that has fallen down the walls has turned it green. Another tenant has filled the back garden full of old mattresses and rubbish that is a fire hazard and vermin breeder, but the council refuse to get involved, just because they are Eastern European. So how Birmingham City Council will deal with these new laws is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a level playing field. There are rogue tenants too and I would hazard a guess there are more rogue tenants than landlords because landlords have more to lose financially and reputationwise. I would appreciate a tenant blacklist so landlords can protect themselves from bad tenants. Unfortunately present landlords are presently too keen to give false decent references to prospective landlords in order to move the bad tenants out and pass the problem on. It's time that a blacklist is compiled so landlords can leave anonymous info on rogue tenants and prospective landlords can check against it when a tenant applies for a property. This would give tenants an incentive to be better tenants by paying their rent and keeping the property in good order to avoid being blacklisted.

Paul Barrett said...

I don't know how long you may have been involved in the PRS but it seems to have escaped your attention that a good and bad tenant database has existed for over 7 years.
Just use uk
If every LL registered their good and bad tenants on this site then any LL choosing to use LRS would prevent themselves taking on duff tenants.
However a database is only as good as the data.
So every LL just needs to use it.
It is pointless trying to reinvent the wheel.
LL and tenants just need to use a fully functional service.