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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Empty homes -100% council tax increase

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Jane said...

What I can't understand is this; if a single occupancy is entitled to 25% discount on council tax and can use the services, what sense does it make that when a property is vacant, thus no services being used at all, the landlord has to pay 100% of council tax?!

Georgina said...

When councils were given the choice about charging a premium I understand that it was because in some places there was a high level of second homes, so this was having a serious impact on the revenue for those councils.

Unfortunately, the majority of councils jumped on the band waggon to increase their revenue.

Anonymous said...

Councils weren't so much given a choice as they had to do it to balance the books.
That said I agree that if a single occupant gets 25% discount then an empty property should at least be treated the same.
Cotswold initially removed the discount entirely but at least reinstated a 1 month free and 25% discount for 2 further months after representations from us and other landlords.
Aside from the occupancy argument above it was also highlighted that a void period is a good time to get works undertaken without disturbing tenants and therefore getting works done benefited tenants and also local tradesmen with the work.

Anonymous said...

For a while now in South Tyneside, when I have a rental void I am charged 100% immediately the day after the person moves out. I just hope the 'empty houses' clause does not relate to void periods in rental and we will get charged 200% council tax for these periods, please tell me I'm reading that wrong?

Anonymous said...

i dont understand the way of thinking......
They want to lower the cost of rental prices, however all the changes they a wanting to make will just be passed on to the potential tennants.