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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Landlord insurance - customer experience

Landlord insurance is a difficult one. Really something not to get too excited about, but we do need landlord insurance.

I recently cancelled cover obtained through Alan Boswell for an unoccupied property.  Some landlords may not be aware that you will need a specialist landlord insurance policy if your rental property is empty for 90 days or more.  I have recently written about my experience of landlord insurance brokers.

I'm a John Lewis man - landlord insurance

It may be my age, but I like to buy things through John Lewis.  Why?  Well,  it's time, price and quality of service.  I've got to that stage in life where hunting around on the internet to shave 5 or 10% of the cost of something is really not worth it for me.  That's not to say I don't like bagging a bargain!  I do.  The other reason I like John Lewis is service.  I've got tired of being served by oiks or people that don't get back to you or know less than nothing about the product they are trying to sell you.  So John Lewis is a good compromise between: reasonable price, quality of service, product and peace of mind.

Over the years I've found that Alan Boswell have given me this type of package.  The latest release on customer feedback shown above shows they rank ahead of their competitors.

Landlord Insurance February price beat offer

February can be a depressing month; a hangover from Christmas, bills to pay,  rubbish weather.

Property Hawk has teamed up with Alan Boswell again to offer landlords something to lift the gloom.  Our price beat promise means that landlord can get the best of both worlds; industry leading customer service and a guaranteed price beating offer

Don’t worry if your renewal isn’t due yet. Even though this is a February email, if you register your interest now they can hold the deal for you. 

Of course there are some conditions: you must be a new customer insuring a residential property; you need to have been claim free for three years, and have no history of flood or subsidence. You can read the full conditions here.

To take advantage of the offer, give them a call on 01603 216399 and quote HAWK16. 

Alternatively fill in the short form online and the Alan Boswell team will call you back.


Nige said...

Always used Alan Boswell... 20 years plus. Never a problem with claims and if you shift property and put new ones on its always dead easy. 5 STARS

BIG DOG said...

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