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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Student landlords 'Studentification'

So freshers week is well and truly over and the dust is just settling for many student landlords.  I was walking down Ecclesall Road in Sheffield very close to both Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University and couldn't help notice the numbers of student rental properties   The area like many around our universities in towns and cities up and down the country has been taken oven by students and student landlords which even now has it's own name as evidenced by the fact that Studentification has it's own entry on Wikepedia.  Is this a good thing?  Probably not if you are a long standing member of the local community looking for a quiet life.  However, things change.  Areas change.  Is it something that councils, politicians should interfere with?  The market has spoken and for many people who own properties in these areas they have seen the value of their properties rise as student landlords compete to acquire valuable assets in areas hotly demanded by student landlords and tenants.

Studentification and HMO properties

Studentification is often synonymous with HMO properties and the challenge of managing a student rental property is very similar to that of managing and investing in a HMO property.

Does investing in student property still pay?

Student accommodation does make good investments still even in this mature property investment market and if you are considering setting yourself up as a student landlord then you need to read all about how to become a student landlord and landlords thinking of letting to students should read this.

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