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Monday, October 17, 2016

Rats in the attic

A landlords life is full of surprises. The latest for me was a call from one of my tenants telling me about some unwelcome neighbours. It transpires that despite being in the first floor maisonette they have gained some unwelcome neighbours...rats! Clearly they were less than happy and called a pest control immediately to investigate. The outcome was that the private pest control business laid poison in the loft to get the critters!

One of the amazing things was that rats had been able to get into the property and at such a high level. It looks like the rats had got in through gaps in the pointing by scaling the adjoining vegetation. Paradoxically, the pointing can't be sealed up until the little critters have been dosed with the poison and died, hopefully in the garden.

This week I'll be  trying to convince the tenants that there will be no more instances of rats in the attic.

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