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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The 'de-gentrification' of the suburbs

So, it appears the suburbs are no longer where it's at.

The city centre 're-gentrification' that followed it's 1920's 'de-gentrification' has its flip-side.

Our once gentrified suburbs are becoming increasingly neglected, unappealing - now they're 'de-gentrifying' according to the Smiths Institute report - Towards a Suburban Renaissance.

People no longer clammer to live there.

It comes as no surprise to me - suburbs are so often lifeless, uninspiring dormitories, 3 bedrooms ( one a box ) with a square of garden ( maintained to a meet prying neighbourly approval ) and with the world of opportunity, of fun and excitement -  a dreary thirty minute bus ride away.

It seems more and more people are wanting to live where a life exists, where there's actually something to do just outside your door.

Head of research at the Smith Institute, Paul Hunter describes the trend -

“Take a journey through our city suburbs today and you are likely to witness stagnating levels of job growth – in contrast with increasing employment opportunities clustered centrally.

And if left unchecked the trends, which should be much higher up on the political agenda, could end up being as significant and far reaching as the inner city deterioration of the post-war era.”

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