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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The doubling of PRS

A new report 'Unfinished Business The Ownership Agenda' by Tory think-tank ResPublica claims more Britains are renting their homes from private landlords than ever before.

The report claims the number of rental homes in the PRS has doubled since 1985.

Back in 1985 ResPublica says 30% of homes were rented from public landlords, and 9% from private landlords, whereas now, the provision has flipped, with only 9% are rented from public landlords and 22% are from private landlords. and 9% from public.

Phillip Blond, Director of ResPublica, comments:

“Lady Thatcher’s vision of an economy with widespread ownership has not yet been realised. This is a major fault line in our society because where there is ownership there are stakeholders creating decent civilised communities. If we want people and places to flourish we must have mass ownership.

It is only where there is ownership that people want to protect and care for what they own, creating a legacy for themselves, their children and their communities."

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