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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My tenant has given me a 'shopping list'!

I've been chatting to one of my long standing tenants.  He's got a veritable shopping list of things for me to do.  It reads as follows:

Hi chris

Heres what needs doing. Its more than it looks. Most of it quick diy jobs
BATHROOM Plug hole chrome has come off.Needs changing Taps need descaling Bath panel needs changing Tiles back of bath gone black as damp coming from below Window frame gone manky Tiles above sink need regrouting and tidying up
BEDROOM Wallpaper coming off in few places on 2 walls. Need stripping (probably) and repainting Big damp spots on chimney breast OFFICE Needs decorating
STAIRS Wood chipping off on banister. Needs planing down sanding n repainting
KITCHEN Window sill got weird black stuff on it always been there

Thanks Masten
Where does this leave me?
OK lots to do.  On the back of this I've chatted with the tenant.  He wants a nice home to live in.  I want him to have a lovely home to live in.  I did mention to him that he is currently paying £500 per month.  A neighbouring property is currently being marketed at £600.  Depending on your maths this is 20% below the current market rate.  So, time for a rental increase.  He agrees with the logic.  So we have reached a rental compromise of £550.  My tenant gets and improving home, I get a bit more rent and some of the capital cost back in rent.  Given that he agrees I can just issue a new tenancy agreement rather than going through the rigmarole of issuing a section 13 notice.

A score draw possibly?!

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