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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beds in sheds

Beds in a shed is the phrase invented by media to describe landlords letting rooms in outhouses, ancillary buildings and even sheds without planning permission and quite often reasonable sanitary facilities. It's an increasing problem in metropolitan areas particularly London where rents continue to surge and rental demand outstrips supply.

Council takes action against beds in a shed landlord

The latest case of a council taking action is Hillingdon Council in west London where a landlord ignored a planning enforcement notice and has had the building demolished and ordered to pay the £10,000 costs. The building was previously rented at £750 a month.

Sheds design much improved

The design of home offices having improved so much over the last 5 years and the likes of George Clarke championing the rise of the designer shed taking a slightly tangential view then it's fair to say that some sheds & outhouses probably present a better living environment that the buy-to-let rabbit hutches that have become part of our urban tapestry in our city centres. Unfortunately, most of the 'sheds' that are let out are to disadvantaged tenants are not to this standard. However, maybe there is a wider debate that perhaps if the planning system could be a little bit more discerning and not condemn these backland residential units as a menace then maybe we wouldn't have such a housing problem so that tenants are so desperate that they have to rent these places.

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