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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Calls for accurate rental yield information

I was looking the other day at what are currently the most popular parts of all the free information currently available on Property Hawk. To my surprise the most read by a long way was not how to get possession of your rental property through a section 21 notice or even advice on non payment of rent.  No the most popular article by some way was my recent piece on rental yields (over 26,000 landlords viewed it over the year).

This is heartening from my point of view because I've been a long time advocate of landlords understanding and then paying attention to rental yields when deciding on what property to invest in.  The message is obviously getting through.  It also highlights from my perspective the fact that the current rental yield information is poor to useless.  What I would say is that there is one government agency that dedicates most of their time to collecting rental information and has the capacity to generate this kind of valuable information.  That's the Valuation Office Agency.  There are literary hundreds of them crunching information on rental levels and property values in the UK.  Have a look here for the latest data on London Rents.  The former crunches the stats so that they can make an assessment on the Local Housing Allowance rental levels for each local area.  Wouldn't it be good if they could use this data to provide accurate information for landlords, investors and lenders about rental yields in different areas and property types to allow all of us to make more informed and better investment decisions.

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