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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Property market feels sunny

Surveyors are becoming more buoyant on future property prices, it seems that many see the worst of the grey clouds behind us.

Estate agents are reporting an increase in sales last month.

Are we all getting a bit giddy now the suns come out?

I mean estate agents tend to hold an optimistic character , very much live for today, live for my next commission kind of guys, have they forgotten whats been going on?

Now the suns popped out, is everything forgotten?

We'll have to see if the winter is really behind us or if this is just a temporary break in the clouds before the bitter forecasts return.

We do have the New Buy scheme, the scheme launched yesterday by the Government that aims to enable First Time Buyers to purchase new build property with just 5% deposits, with the Government acting as some kind of parental guarantor. Maybe this will drive up the property chain and sustain our temperate property price climate. But some are already having concerns about the impact of New Buy on the housing market.

Whose to know.

There are still some large storms circling in Europe and the US and if they blow in we could still see a lot of damage in the UK.

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Fleur - What House? said...

Will it, won't it, will it, won't it? These questions have been going on for three years now. Ok so the NewBuy scheme may kickstart the buyers who are finding it difficult to gather the deposit they need,estimated at 100,000 buyers. But it is hardly going to trigger a surge in buying, it's not going to make the waves that are needed to really kick start the property market. Property prices need to come down to a realistic level so there is more affordability and less of a gap between house prices and the average earnings index. Now that really would bring the sunshine out on the property market.

Anonymous said...

Im not totaly sure

I have a valuation done for the Morgage Works last Friday and I quote the Valuer here

Its the worsed market he has ever known ???

The only thing selling is repos