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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Blairs Mansion

Just in case you wondered how our illustrious former leader was doing after the global meltdown and his failure to get to grips with regulating the banks properly.

Nice man know the regular guy who's persona was "I'm the kinda guy you could have a drink with down the local"

Well he's doing just fine. Look at his latest mansion.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously some people aren't effected by the economy meltdown!

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well. There is just no honour left anymore...

Anonymous said...

The corruption of the Labour party is not new. From the 25 year old Blair who was a Marxist and apologist for all sorts of fascist terrors -- to Corbyn -- the fascist Nazi sympathiser and apologist for fascists of all sorts and shades. What this country needs is an effective, plausible opposition - not this bunch of manky corrupt fools.