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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Property Millionaire Scam - closed down.

I can make you a property millionaire - just pay me £5000 and I will share my special, magic property investment secrets with you.

For a further £5000 you can join my special magic property investors inner gold circle and I will show you further secrets that will make you five times more money and you will receive a special gold plated inner gold circle membership card that will give you access to the worlds best property deals...........EVER!!

Wow. Show me where to sign and who shall I make the £10 grand cheque to?

Strange, but true. We have been forever warning wannabe property investors of the world of the property guru who will fleece you on the way to property investment enlightenment, but there's one born every minute.

One such scam promised to help wannabe property investors become instant millionaires has been wound up in the High Court on grounds of public interest following an investigation by Companies Investigation Branch (CIB).

Potential investors were invited to attend free "Secrets 2 Success" seminars advertised with the line "no risk, no effort" and were encouraged to join with "little or no money" an "Instant Millionaire Programme." They were told they could learn more about becoming a property millionaire by attending further seminars described as "Negotiate 2 Win" at a cost of £1,000, the "No Money Down" course at a cost of £2,000 and the "Freedom 2 Fortune" course at a cost of £4,000.

Ouch ... my heart goes out to all those characters who were scammed, and let's hope that it a lesson learned.

Our FREE advice as ever, is do your research, do your sums and try to keep it local.

Property management is not ideal from a distance, it requires common sense and hard work, not special magical powers or secret formulas.

Read more on the property millionaire scam controlled by the now bankrupt Mr Spencer Michael.

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1 comment:

Horlic said...

Me too, receive alot spam emails on how to become millionaire via property investment.

Margo Leadbetter has the point, property management is not ideal from a distance. I agree. Prefer to start from the area we are familiar with. Minimize the risk and increase the effective of property management.