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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Do I need my boiler serviced?

I've always been intrigued to know whats the difference between a landlord safety check and a service apart from the fact that you need to have the former done for fear of being clamped in leg irons as a landlord heretic!

Well after having a batch of LP12 gas safety checks back from a new plumber. Some of you may recall that I've had one or two problems with my plumbing but more specifically with my old plumber. Well I've got a knew one and it's looking promising, at least he turns up which is helpful.

As I was handing him the cheque for my small bundle of certificates I plucked up the courage to ask him what extra work did he do in a service as a posed to a safety check. His response was: "not an awful lot". He went on to explain that modern boilers had so many safety features and fail safes that if they do go wrong they tend to just cut out and not work, a kinda of appliance cry for help.

This all allays my fears that by not bothering to have my boilers serviced I was some how storing up problems for the future. If any body especially CORGI registered plumbers know any different, I'd love to know.

Talking of old boilers - I can hear Miss Jones calling. I hope she doesn't need servicing because all this talk of carbon monoxide is giving me a headache

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