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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

NHF call for longer tenancies

We warned this year would bring a din of 'beefy talk on additional regulation, licensing, tenancy reform and rent caps', so here's some more.

The National Housing Federation have joined the call for longer tenancies, citing new research that shows that private renters are now nine times more likely to have moved in the past year than homeowners leading to tenants feeling uprooted and unable to plan for their futures.

The builders lobbying organisation is no doubt using the tenant dilemma argument to push Government to further relax planning laws.

David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, said:

“With house prices continuing to soar out of reach, and typical deposits for first time buyers hitting £30,000, younger generations are seeing their dream of home-ownership replaced with a life of renting.”

“It’s clear that the younger generation is being let down, and given no alternative but to move from one short-term let to the next, never being able to save enough to buy because their wages are eaten up by rent.”

“We’ve found that nearly eight out of 10 people (77%) in England don’t believe any of the main political parties will effectively deal with housing [7], but they still have the chance to put that right. With a bold long term plan for house building our housing crisis is solvable. We need politicians from all sides to commit to ending the housing crisis within a generation."

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