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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Why landlords should love immigration

Immigration and landlords are both hot topics at the moment. The first because there is a general perception that there are too many immigrants; coming in stealing our jobs, taking our houses and plundering our welfare system. We after all live on this Sceptered Isle which is both crowded and precious.

Immigration could be good for landlords
Funnily, I don't agree.  Landlords in my view should not only tolerate but embrace immigration and avoid the UKIP little Britain reaction to people coming legitimately to the UK.  The reality is that most immigration is from young people from the likes of eastern europe who are both highly educated, motivated and eager to work and contribute to the British economy.  They also by and large need rental accommodation and as they are not in receipt of benefits they will pay for it out of earned income and not UK benefits.  Witness the booming rental markets in immigration hotspots like London & places like Lincolnshire and parts of the East Midlands. Not only will these younger immigrants bring skills and a refreshing industrious attitude to work, they also produce children.  More children is vital if the UK if it is to avoid the inverted population pyramids suffered by countries such as Japan and Italy where a reducing number of people of working age are having to support an aging population who cling militantly to their benefits granted to them in an age when old people were in the minority.  Politicians refuse to grasp the pension nettle because it is politically poison to tell people that they will need to work past 70 so our pension system remains unfunded.

In my view landlords should embrace genuine immigration as it will be good for rents, property prices and the economy.  Personally I'd keep the new economic immigrants and ship the load of workshy, feckless 'Brits' somewhere without a welfare state.  This might just wake them up from their benefit induced coma long enough for them to appreciate: a free education, free health service and free housing all need paying for through hard work. 

Remember the landlord immigration bill means that rent checks are coming and have a look at this government right to rent landlords code of practice.  

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