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Saturday, September 06, 2014

The secret to successful letting is...

The secret of easy stress free letting I can reveal comes down to one simple thing.

Getting a good tenant in the first place.  For me a good tenant is intelligent.  Speak to them even better meet them in person. If they can't string a sentence together are they really going to be able to manage the tenancy and all the little problems that come along the way.  Answer....probably not.

I'm still recovering from the throws of letting a 'dumm arse' tenant thrust upon me by a cocky amateur letting agent who thought there was nothing to the process of letting property ( correct if you do it badly).

Never underestimate the time taken to recover from a bad let

I'm finding out to my cost just how long the process takes to recover from a bad let.  Getting possession and then the time and costs of completing your claim for the outstanding rent from the rental guarantor.

On top of this there are all the time and costs of getting the property renewed.  A rental void is painful but believe you me letting your property to the wrong tenant costs a lot more.  So my advice to landlords is think before you let & if you are unsure just walk away.  There are plenty more tenant fish in the sea!

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