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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tenant immigration checks to start in the West Midlands

The start of the phased introduction of immigrant checks on prospective tenants will begin in the West Midlands from December 1st 2014 as part of the The Immigration Act 2014.
James Brokenshire, the Immigration and Security Minister announced that Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton will see the start of the scheme that requires private landlords to act as unofficial immigration officers. (click of boot heels )

Landlords will need to check that any prospective tenant has the right to be in the country, regardless of how strong a Black Country accent they have. Any landlords who fail to follow the proper required procedure will face a fine up to £3,000.

The tenant checks come under the 'Right to Rent' directives.

Landlords will be expected to check the identity of any prospective tenant, either their passport or their biometric residence permit and copies of this documentation will be needed to be made and retained for a minimum twelve month period after the termination of any tenancy.

Further areas across the country will be phased in during 2015.

The Government has provided more information on how landlords should check their tenants at, the Right to Rent Code of Practice can be downloaded here, and they also have telephone helpline (0300 069 9799)

Following an evaluation of the implementation in the West Midlands next spring, the Home Office expects to continue with the phased introduction of checks across the UK next year.

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Steve said...

Well hope landlords will be paid for doing the job of immigration .......

fergusfish said...

Is this retrospective?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Steve; Immigration service cannot control it so "lets pass it on to someone else and fine them if they can't get it right" or make a mistake or are confronted with fraudulent documents. Is the government going to give free training to Landlords? Can the immigration service even tell us how many illegal immigrants are in the UK? We don't hear of them being fined for their incompetence!