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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Landshare - a garden maintenance solution

I face a problem faced by many suburban landlords.  It's called garden maintenance.  It's a real problem.  Not one that I have probably appreciated fully until recently.  The general theme is that we are a nation of gardeners.  Well that may be the case until you are a landlord with lots of gardens.

The reality is that keeping on top of garden maintenance is a time consuming business. Time that most landlords don't have.  Sun and warm wet weather, create absurd amounts of vegetation growth.

The problem for landlords is that tenants don't want to maintain a garden, and employing a gardener is expensive, particularly in good areas where there is a general view that garden maintenance is a justifiable tax on the middle classes.

On top of this, neighbours are less than understanding, seeing the excessive, unkempt growth as an afront to their suburban Truman show like dream.

My potential solution.

I have just signed up for Hugh Furnleigh Wittingsalls Landshare Scheme.  I like the morals - share more and waste less.  Could the use of my large overgrown garden as a communal allotment be the answer?

It may even produce food for my tenants.  I will shortly find out, but if it does work it could be a win. win scenario. 

Something us landlords know is a rare occurence.

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