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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Housing Minister doesn't want a sprawl

Housing minister, Brandon Lewis doesn't appear to share the same enthusiasm for the award winning Urbed plan for a Government led kick start in the building of a series of new garden cities across Britain.

In his interview with the Architects Journal, Mr Lewis described the concept as “urban sprawl”, going on to say, “We are committed to protecting the green belt from development as an important protection against urban sprawl. Instead, we stand ready to work with communities across the country who have ideas for a new generation of garden cities and we have offered support to areas with locally supported plans that come forward.”

Good luck with that one.

The NIMBYs will win the majority of local battles, and any real injection of new property will remain a long time coming.

The new Housing Minister is clearly not wanting to upset any Tory voters.

Failure to tackle the country's chronic housing shortage can only be seen as good news for landlords/ property investors - house prices and tenant demand will remain amplified.

Unfortunately,  it  isn't such good news for the homeless, FTB's or parents with children who won't ever move out.

Swings and roundabouts, I guess.

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