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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boiler problems - google it!

I've bored you at length in the past with my search for the perfect boiler.  Fear not ...I"m not about to subject you to any more of it.

I did eventually find what I thought was the perfect boiler.  As is the case with all these things there are minor maintenance issues.  One regular fact of life with looking after any boiler is that from time to time the pressure in the system may drop.  It's generally not a problem.  All you need to do is repressurise the system and you are off again.

I was recently contacted by one of my tenants with exactly this issue.  Having reminded myself about which boiler I had installed.  My reaction was to simply google the boilers name and some suitable term like repressurise the system.   Up popped a very helpful video by Gloworm on how to repressurise the Gloworm Ultracom 2.  Brilliant just what I needed.  I forwarded the details to my tenant and 'jobs a gooden' as they have managed to sort the problem out on their own.  This has saved me a considerable amount of time and money by not having to call a plumber out to sort out the problem.

I have found in the past that by simply googling your boiler problems can throw a lot of light on any of the difficulties you might be having with your boiler.  Next time you have a problem you might be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to fix your boiler yourself.  

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1 comment:

China Joe said...

You are absolutely right. Most boiler problems start as minor installation problems. So make sure that you do not ignore minor boiler issues.