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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Remember when apartments were flats

Remember the chatter about 'Property Hotspots'. Times have changed. Now the talk should be more about 'Property Dropspots'. Avoiding the places that are going to do the worst over the next twenty years. It could be a very long list.

However, the Telegraph are more upbeat, and have shared various estate agent tips on finding the next property hotspot in this article. Mainly fluff about doing your homework, and asking Waitrose and Starbucks where they were looking to open next.

I'd question the judgement of one their experts, saying "Bristol’s city centre has become desirable since its tired shopping centre was replaced by the glitzy Cabot Circus". 


Now I don't want to sound like a 'Property Tosspot',  but - Have they been? I have. To me it was just like any other generic city centre shopping mall. Drossy and dirty. With the usual crowd of open mouthed zombies swaying past the generic chains, killing time before they could nip to Pizza Hut for the 'as much as you can eat buffet'. It wouldn't be the reason you'd move to Bristol, unless you were suffering an addiction to Zara. In which case it would be handy. 

Next we'll be re- packaging IKEA as 'artisan', or Poundland as 'boutique', or the Job Centre as a 'social hub'. That reminds me, remember when apartments were flats. Obviously that didn't sound 'glitzy' enough.

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