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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Build-to-let - here come the big boy property landlords

As BTL investors crawl around the debris of the property investing dream, the Government is hoping the future of the residential rental sector in the UK will be salvaged by the big boys galloping in on their white chargers.
Both Aviva and Legal and General are in discussions with the Homes and Communities Agency over injecting a boost to the UK residential rental sector.
The two massive pension funds are looking to launch into the 'build-to-let' market and develop purpose-built residential blocks for the property rental market.
The Government are keen to bring in the big boys and squeeze their reliance on the dirty, unwashed private landlords. ( I have a rinse down once a week - don't they know? )
The Government is hoping that the large investment institutions will bring a much needed cash injection to re-start their house building strategies for affordable housing. With a return to 1950's style long term renting a potential growing trend in wake of the 'popped property bubble'.
Ask yourself the question, aren't these the same pension companies that have invested away so many poor folks pensions pots? I dont feel any great insurance that they wont do the same again as landlords.
If you want lower investment returns, let the big boys manage inefficiently and take the largest percentage share of any investment returns in charges and high costs.
All I can advise potential property investors is, keep your property investments local, self managed and carefully funded to bring in the returns.
Personally I don't mind getting dirty , and I trust myself to look after my property investments shrewdly.
Here's to the great unwashed that remain self reliant.

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