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Friday, October 03, 2008

Potential boiler repair costs

It's getting cold, that means we are all rediscouvering our central heating after the summer lay off. This includes your tenants. Not wishing to scare landlords here is a list of the cost of rectifying common boiler faults. Landlords it's time to get saving unless you can persuade your tenants to go green and dispense with central heating and hot water altogether!

Expert, Corgi registered gas engineer Brian Philmore, rates the common boiler faults in order of the problems he most commonly faces.

Printed circuit board
£220 to replace. The PCB is the heart of the boiler, connecting everything together. Without it the boiler can’t function.

Automatic air vent
£85 to replace. An automatic air vent lets out air that collects within the boiler.

£200 to replace. The pump moves the heated water from the boiler through the pipe work to the radiators, and back to the boiler for re-heating.

Overheat thermostat
£95 to replace. The overheat thermostat is a safety device to stop the boiler overheating if the control thermostat fails.

Heat exchanger
£350 to replace. Heats the water by transferring energy from the gas, if this goes it can be very expensive to replace.

Expansion vessel
£140 to replace. The expansion vessel stops the heating system from being over-pressurized.

Gas valve
£180 to replace. The gas valve regulates the flow of gas to the burner.

£150 to replace. Mixes air and gas to be burned inside the boiler.

All repairs include call out, parts and labour. Cost estimates are guide prices only provided by Npower.

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