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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Right to Rent & undocumented Commonwealth citizens

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the total mess both the Labour Party and present government has made of this problem. At the moment, both parties are playing politics with the issue and blaming each other, not helped by Amber Rudd's incompetence over the questions she was asked. No wonder she resigned.

It is easy to deport those who have worked here for years and paid their taxes and stamp duty, but we cannot get rid of the total dross that infest this country with crime and anti British behaviour, because THEY have Human Rights. I have old work mates and colleagues who are effected with this problem, and the Border Agency and Home Office have made their lives miserable in the past year or so.

You must remember that a civil servant lives and works with rules and regulations. They have targets to meet, and any deviation is treacherous. If it says in Book 46, Chapter 137, page 623, section 4(a) that they must do something, then it shall be done. No ifs or buts. And that is how they are applying these rules.