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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rogue landlord has his Ferrari crushed

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Cash Buyer said...

This was appallingly vindictive and stupidly shortsighted. That car could have been sold for charitable purposes instead of being wantonly wasted by jealousy

Cash Buyer said...

Further to that, I wish the former owner of the vehicle all the best in his bid to sue the police

Anonymous said...

Dont be fooled, this young get rich quick millionaire is trying it on. Our local paper told us that the car was confiscated after all attempts to get legal ownership was exhausted. This jack-the-lad has no thought for the law, or rules designed to protect others from his actions. That is why he parked outside the Crown Court in such a fashion, our laws dont apply to him, and he shrugs off the fines a a mere nuisance.

He owns much property and is an example of what is wrong in the private landlord industry. I have no sympathy whatsoever.