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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Online letting agents - tips & analysis

The rise of online letting agents seems to be unstoppable.  There are now tens of virtual letting agents who will get a landlords rental property online through the property portals for a hundred quid or so.

What do I think of online letting agents?

To me they are a great thing as you can read from my recent experience.  They do hand back control to the letting process back to the landlord and out of the hands of what are often mediocre and under experienced letting agents.  I can't forget that my only nightmare tenant in 25 years of letting property was delivered by a letting agent who clearly were determined at hoisting a rubbish tenant onto me irrespective of the likely long term costs to me.

Letting Agent or DIY?

I have analyzed the pros and cons of using a letting agent.  It is possible to hand over complete responsibility for the letting and management of rental property which can be handy for absentee landlords.  There is a cost.  Landlords need to look closely at what works for them but don't assume that you need or are better off with a traditional letting agent.

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