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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Amended bill to stop revenge evictions

Amendments to the Deregulation Bill will limit the use of Section 21 Notices.

Although Sarah Teather's Tenancy Reform Bill failed to be carried last year, new clauses added to the Deregulation Bill will bring greater protections for tenants against 'revenge evictions'. 

If this new version of the Deregulation Bill is passed it would stop landlords from serving a no-fault ‘section 21’ eviction notice for 6 months following the issue of a local authority improvement notice, and provide the victims of revenge eviction a right of appeal.

Under the new clauses landlords would also be prevented from serving a valid section 21 notice before they have provided tenants the key information outlining their rights and responsibilities.

The amendments are to be debated in Parliament on 11th February.

Liberal Democrat Communities Minister Stephen Williams who has pushed forward with these amendments commented -

“We’re determined to create a bigger, better private rented sector – a key part of that is to tackle the minority of rogue landlords that blight the lives of their tenants.

“That’s why I’m proposing changes to the law that would outlaw so-called ‘revenge evictions’, so tenants don’t face the prospect of losing their home simply for asking that repairs be made.”


Clive said...

Oh dear, nanny state intervenes again. I don't like this interference.

Anonymous said...

Good. Stop rouge landlords giving good ones a bad name. Don't want to repair your property then sell it to someone who will.