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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Space tool needs development

Space will only get increasingly important. Simply put, the UK hasn't got enough of the stuff. (as any UKIP candidate will be only too happy to confirm).
Space - the final frontier
When picking a property investment, 'space' or the potential for 'additional space' is what matters most.

This leads me on to the press release I've just received, telling me of a new online tool.

The tool shows the differing square footage price of various towns/cities across the UK. 

It sounded interesting, so I've 'boldly gone' and had a look.

Is it any good?

Not really. They've not crunched enough data to share anything worth knowing. It appears to be more of an SEO exercise put together by Keepmoat using some data from the Halifax house price data. 

The tool lets you see the average price per square foot of bunch of regional towns/cities, next to a graphic square, that doesn't appear to reflect the actual relative area you get for your money ( another thing that needs improving). 

This tool could be useful if...

To make this tool worthwhile they need to crunch a lot more data. The data needs to be street specific or else it has no useful value. As it stands, the tool tells me a square foot of average Harrogate real estate will cost me more than a similar sized chunk of Scunthorpe...well, I'm not from Yorkshire, but I'd already guessed as much. 

I have no doubt that in the future, whether it'll be by Keepmoat,  Zoopla, Rightmove or whoever, this type of tool will become useful as part of the way we source an area to invest in - particularly as the value of space becomes increasingly important and more data of specific property dimensions are logged.

... Captain James T Kirk, logging off.

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