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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Revenge eviction - Friday vote looms

MPs will vote on Friday on a private members bill on making revenge evictions illegal. The Bill was introduced by Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather who has decided to hang up her MP boots after the next general election.

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Why has nobody noticed before?

Revenge or retaliatory evictions is a topic that has suddenly raised it's head over the last few months as the likes of Shelter, an overheating London rental market and a more politicised private rental class flex their muscles leading in to the next general election in May next year.

It's funny that the whole revenge eviction thing has suddenly become a problem. The law and the principle that landlords can gain possession by serving a section 21 notice as of right has been in existence since the introduction of the Housing Act 1988. This means that the potential for so called revenge evictions has been around for over 25 years. Why has it suddenly become a problem? I suspect it's a much about politics and charities having a campaign to justify their existence than a significant problem within the private rental sector.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The unintended consequences of this bill as currently drafted will be massively detrimental to tenants. I for one would never ever let to even the most marginally problematical tenants. No DSS, no-one without a UK based home owning guarantor. No one with a CCJ. No tenants without a job covering rent x 3. I will also be inclined to raise all rents across the board by around 20% to cover the cost of this bill (a cost that will ultimately be borne by decent tenants)

And it will be the very last time I will vote Lib Dem. The stupidity of politicians is boundless.