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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Rental maintenance bills

Like most landlords I'm not keen on maintenance bills. They are however, as inevitable as death I'm afraid. Particularly as a landlords portfolio matures with age. You might refurbish a property or buy a shiny off the peg buy-to-let and for the first few years repair bills should be low to minimal. After 5 and certainly 10 years the bills will just start to roll in.  The good news is that you should be able to off set them against your rental less tax to pay.

My maintenance to do list
My latest list is a mixed a varied bunch: sash windows that needed the rotten bottom rail replacing, an external redecoration, replacement of rotten windows with a set of replacement upvc windows, a partly collapsed boundary wall caused by an over exuberant dog, a minor bathroom leak, need I go on!

Landlords need a good team
The essence is that you need a good team of people you can rely on to do the work and not rip you off or cause even more problems. Then the situation is entirely manageable which is all a landlord can ask for as their portfolio grows. What a landlord needs to remember....there is no gain without pain.

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