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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Leicester landlords face alarming fines

According to the Hinckley Times, landlords could find themselves fined for each time the fire brigade attends a false alarm at a rental property.

A fine of £290 has been proposed if a rental property creates repeat false fire-alarm call-outs involving fire officers from the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

Leicester's Fire Chiefs have decided to start charging private residential landlords for false alarms after receiving 2,700 automatic fire alarm call-outs last year of which only 80 turned out to be real.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service hope the introduction of fines would 'encourage better management of alarm practices'.

There proposals follow a similar scheme introduced by the London Fire Brigade back in January. In the first four months of London's scheme 224 invoices were issued of which 33 were paid.

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Michael M. said...

Eh?? If tenants cause false alarms surely it must be them who have to 'cough up' not the landlord?! Yet another chance to have a go at landlords!

Michael M. said...

just as an after-thought: if tenants were made to pay the fine then that would also act as a deterrent to ensure they prevent false alarms in the future. If the landlord has to pay then the tenant has no incentive to be more careful to avoid such an occurance.