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Thursday, October 30, 2014

ARLA's evidence for the Tenancies Bill

ARLA have put forward their evidence as part of the APPG for the Private Rented Sector's inquiry into the Tenancies (Reform) Bill 2014-2015 that is being pushed by the Lib-dem MP, Sarah Teather.

Teather's bill seeks to end the much hyped ( by Shelter anyway ) practice of 'revenge evictions'.

ARLA have gathered a lot of evidence that suggests revenge evictions are far less common than the likes of Shelter claim them to be. 

ARLA have evidence that the cases of 'revenge evictions' are far from the epidemic claimed by Shelter, with ARLA's data proposing that out of 3,956,000 tenancies it may be that approximately 7,120 end due to a revenge eviction.

These figures contrast wildly with Shelter's claim, that "in the past year alone, more than 200,000 people have faced eviction because they asked their landlord to fix a problem in their home."

Others in the industry have questioned Shelter's figures, with the Residential Landlord Association accusing the tax payer funded charity of “irresponsible scaremongering".  


Anonymous said...

ARLA are not taking into account the fact that most tenants won't risk putting themselves in the position to be evicted in the first place; they are simply forced to 'put-up' with the condition of their property that their landlord feels is 'acceptable'. N.B. I am posting this anonymously to prevent my landlord from knowing that I have a problem with his unacceptable standards.

Anonymous said...

As a landlord were not in the business of removing tenants on a whim but to attain long term rental payments. Who would ethically want a tenant to live in disrepair and anxiety. I have had good and bad tenants. Some tenants live worse than pigs and destroy the properties others have been with me for 15 years respect the properties and work with the landlords!

Anonymous said...

A number of bad landlords always get the headlines, I spend a lot of time re-investing in my properties to keep the tenants happy and to ensure the value of the properties is maintained. Doing things I don't really needs to such as replacing tired kitchens. I have also had tenants who lived like pigs. If a tenant is subject to poor conditions, why do they stay?

Anonymous said...

As a landlord this Tenancy Reform Bill really worries me. Landlords need the ability to be able to evict tenants for their own reasons, whether the tenant is a problem or not.

As a previous poster says "If a tenant is subject to poor conditions, why do they stay?" The rule of market forces should apply, poorly maintained properties will attract lower rent, if that is all a poor tenant can afford then so be it, beggars can't be choosers.

There is no legislation to protect a landlord who chooses keep a tenant because of the Landlords situation, eg they can't afford to pay the mortgage during void periods. Why should there be any legislation to protect tenants who choose to stay because they can't afford to move?

The need to address poverty is the responsibility of the wider community not the private landlord.

The need to provide a basic level of habitability in let properties should be addressed by specific legislation regards housing standards.

What can be done to fight for the rights of Landlords?

Anonymous said...

as well as being aa landlord i work as a loss adjuster. some tenants notify their landlords of problems leading to a claim. however, when it comes to the repairs they then will not co-operate, demanding compensation for disruption way beyond the level of actual disruption. one was a drunk and was constantly abusive to the contractors. whilst i have never told a landlord an eviction, sometimes it would be easier to serve notice to quit and then do repairs. tenants themsleves can be their own problem.

David Lawrence said...

Teather is a member of the government and it is this and previous governments that have created the situation where landlords have the upper hand.
Build enough affordable housing and landlords will have to attract tennets by providing quality homes.
The private landlord is a convenient 'whipping boy' to divert attention away from government inaction. Dave Lawrence