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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Call for change in eviction law

A Guardian blogger argues that eviction laws need to be changed to protect tenants. A further discussion piece on the accusation by Shelter in a rise of what they deem are 'revenge evictions'.

The NLA has countered Shelter's data on revenge evictions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What would you class as a revenge eviction.?
I recently inspected a property and found considerable damage both physical ie a smashed up bathroom and cosmetic ie walls painted in deep dark colours which will take considerable redecoration.(without asking consent)
The tenant was informed that they would be responsible for bringing the colours back to standard as this is contained in the tenancy agreement.
For goodwill purposes I carried out measures to stop water from overspills in the bathroom damaging the downstairs.
Next minute I get a letter from environmental health accusing me of substandard housing as the downstairs ceiling and kitchen are damp.
Kitchen ????...its at the other end of the house.
So here we have a tenant breaking the tenancy agreement and damaging the property using some lame excuse to get the authorities on my back for no other reason than to give me hassel. Environmental health backed my corner but the documentation etc. to defend myself took half a day.
So I am going to evict.
Because the tenant is breaking the tenancy agreement and damaging the property.
Before anyone jumps on my back I will state that the house was refurbished to SALE standard prior to letting before I changed my mind and let it instead.
I will also state that the council who hold the deposit are backing me.
So will this now be classed as revenge. You can bet your life it will.