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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Landlords - a disaster for the economy

Landlords have been accused of a lot of things, but now we are apparently a disaster for the economy according to the Guardians economics correspondent. We are aware that landlords are not an ethical investment according to the landlord kicking brigade in Manchester.

Landlords are a get rich quick mob
Now landlords are responsible for all the problems in the UK housing market, not the massive under investment in new housing or the ludicrous planning system.  Apparently, landlords are a get rich quick mob who are into just making a fast buck because we can get 'cheap mortgages' and we are not prepared to invest in those ridiculously subsidised visual monstrosities - solar panels.

Landlords provide free housing & pay tax
As an economist you would have thought that he would have been aware of the fact that the 1.4 million landlords at no cost to the UK taxpayer provide approaching 20% of UK households with somewhere to live.  On top of that - we pay tax on our rental profits that all goes back into UK plc to provide: roads, schools, even social housing.

Guardian has no time for the 'little guy'
Can you imagine the cost to the UK taxpayer if you wanted to provide all that housing through the public sector? Again another Guardian correspondent who likes to lambaste the fact that the little guy is given a route to supplement their meagre income or build a business and then benefit the whole of  society at the same time.  He critcises but cant provide a costed alternative. Feel free to read his views and post your thoughts below.

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Anonymous said...

Yep we are the disaster !! With three houses I get less after tax and compulsory charges than most of my non working lazy DHSS tenants. Go figure.
I must remember to beat myself with a big stick !!
As I told one of my tenants in arrears. I could be sitting on a beach with cocktails or housing you. Which do you think I am going to choose?

Anonymous said...

I subsidised my last tenant to the tune of almost £20,000 of free rent when she decided she didn't want to pay anymore. A free roof over someone's head doesn't sound disastrous to me!

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous! They know it! We know it!! But it's just human tendency. No one sees the hard work going in, the risks we take, and the plans we constantly make for a better future, and the number of people who benefit from our business! All they see or think is us raking it in - completely blind to the costs involved, let alone tenants who don't pay!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish all anti-landlord people can read this

PETER said...

I have two properties that were designed to supplement my income and later, a meagre pension. I have invested over £8,000 in refurbishing one property and had to cough up a further £10,000 in refurbishing another property trashed by drug addicts who then disappeared along with the letting agent.

If labour intend to indiscriminately place rent controls on my "business" perhaps they could provide an equitable solution by also controlling the prices of other businesses so that tenants can have some money left to pay the rent after buying food, clothes and paying for all the other "necessities" in life.

Without my investments from inheritance which was my choice, my family would also be tenants seeking accommodation. The problem is explosive population increase without the means to provide properly paid employment and total inability to match it with new property builds.