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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Average earnings fall behind property prices

If average UK earnings had stayed in pace with average UK property prices then, today's average wage would be £55,000, but it isn't. In fact the average salary is barely half that at £25,932.

Now, call me a worry bunny, - "Worry bunny!", but this kind of shortfall doesn't bode well for long term property investment for property in the 'average areas'.

This statistic only reinforces my long held view that the UK will continue on its divisive path - those with a lot and those with a lot less.

In terms of property prices, the gap between those average areas and the more affluent parts will continue to widen. My advice buy quality if you can afford it. Wealth will only continue its migration to the top.

For anyone who believes where America leads, we follow, I think this video underlines my view perfectly.

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