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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NLA report landlords concerns over UC

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A recent poll by the NLA recorded 38 per cent of landlords are worried about the impact of Universal Credit, with  51percent indicating they would not to let to benefit claimants.
The NLA are concerned that monthly benefit payments under UNiversal Credit will lead to more tenants struggling to pay rents because of poor financial budgeting.
It reported that landlords with single properties or small portfolios were most concerned with six in ten ruling out ever letting to tenants receiving benefit.

The NLA chairman, Carolyn Uphill said: “Our research highlights how worried landlords are about the impact of Universal Credit and that they are choosing to withdraw from the local housing allowance market.
“This concern is understandable, particularly with the uncertainty that the changes to the benefit system bring. Quite simply, they are worried the rent won’t be paid and that they will not have the system of direct payment to fall back on. However, the Government relies on the private-rented sector to support the provision of housing for those in receipt of benefits so it needs to act quickly to restore landlords’ confidence, showing it grasps the practicalities of renting."
She added: “Renting is a business and landlords must balance their needs with an understanding of the pressures experienced by their tenants. It is essential that they work with tenants in receipt of housing support to ensure they are aware of the forthcoming changes and are seeking advice on budgeting for monthly payments.”
Landlords with tenants on LHA has fallen to 27pc last month, down from 34pc in March. 

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with your article, however, I had a bad experience with the only benefit claimant I ever let my Ipswich flat to. She finally left owing me over £900.00 What puzzles me is that this seems to be a recent development, however my rent was never paid directly to me and the tenant just pocketed the benefit almost from month one and I then had to get her evicted. This has left a bad taste and I will never be in that position again. This will and no doubt has, already meant a shortage of rental properties leading to higher rents. I can only see this situation getting worse and no one can blame private landlords from avoiding claimants like the plague even though there are probably plenty of honest people who would pay their rent but why take the chance when there are non claimants queuing up. As usual this has been ill thought out.