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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Landlords will have to check tenant passports

New Government plans will mean that all new tenants will have to provide their passport or proof of their right to live in Britain. If landlords  have any concerns over the documents they will be expected to report this to the Home Office.

Yesterday's consultation document says: "Landlords must make checks on a non-discriminatory basis, i.e. they should not make any assumptions about a person’s migration status based on their ethnicity, name, accent, etc."

Therefore all UK citizens will be required to provide a copy of their passport when they sign new tenancy agreements. Those from outside the European Economic Area will be required to supply their residence permit or visa stamp.

These proposals, will mean landlords will have to check the migration status of every tenant. Failure to complete proper checks will make landlords liable to a £1,000 fine for each illegal immigrant in their property. Those landlords who had already received an advisory letter for not completing proper checks could face a fine of £3,000 per tenant.

Watch this space to see if you need to buy yourself a stamp and a shirt with epaulettes.

Read more in the Telegraph

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Robert said...

What about those who do not have a passport (or say they don't)? Do people have to remain homeless until such time as they get themselves a passport?

Anonymous said...

So they can go to the doctors and the hospitals for treatment and not get checked and they can probably get benefits and the UK Border agency won't or can't chuck them out but I get fined if I give them a room. Can I reclaim that as an expense on my tax return?

Anonymous said...

Really it shows the hidden concerns that the Government have for our border control agency, they presume that even an untrained citizen can do a better job...

I bet they're right too, and cheaper. What's next, may be a European referendum!?!