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Monday, July 22, 2013

From Bond to buy-to-let baroness

One of the great things about buy-to-let is that it is equally appealing to both men and women.  There are many women that have made substantial fortunes out of building a buy-to-let portfolio. Whilst commercial property is often a bit of a male preserve with much of the deals done on the golf course. Residential property investment plays to the strengths of many women who are skilled and interested in interior design and home making as well as being savvy business women.  These women are then able to deploy these interests and skills in creating premium buy-to-lets.

Bond girl to buy-to-let baroness

One example of this is Fiona Fullerton who was originally a model and actress and subsequently got into residential property investment by accident and has subsequently built up a portfolio of residential property properties in London and Oxford. She now has a portfolio of approaching 20 properties and given that she is selling her current home for £2.75 million to finance her next project then she clearly still has the property bug.
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