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Monday, July 29, 2013

Free investment calculator - look @the figures

One of the things that we are always encouraging residential property investors old and new to do is look at the figures.  Buying a property as a buy-to-let or investment property is not the same as buying your home.  You buy your home because you love it.  It suits your needs and obviously you can afford it.

Buying an investment property

You buy an investment property because hopefully it will make you money.  Remember property investment is a long-term game!  If it makes you money in the short term you are very lucky.  For most property investors your need to be looking at a 10 - 15 year time frame.

Property investment calculator

One of the things that I found particularly useful when I was starting out as a fledgling property investor was my own property investment calculator which sort to take into account all the relevant factors that were going to impact on your investment returns and gives you a tool to compare the returns from different investments over time.  This way you could make your ultimate property investment decision based on your head not just your heart.

Free property investment calculator

The property investment calculator can be found here.  One of the things that running such as big website such as Property Hawk is that we sometimes struggle for room to fit everything in.  I think that the property investment calculator may now be hidden somewhere on the website.  Is it useful?  If so let us know and maybe we can put it somewhere a bit more prominent.  The main thing is do your sums before you put your hands in your pocket!

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